ST42 Smart tweezers

ST42 SMD/SMT Shannon Smart Tweezers

We are excited to offer this new and improved product to the NZ market based on nearly 2 decades of personal use of these device types.

$ 250 + GST & free NZ delivery

Supplied with case, instructions, curved tips, charging lead and calibration/test PCB

12 month warranty

The rich feature set is easily Controlled by a 4-direction Type with Center-push Function Button.Measure mode selections: AutoMode/L/C/R/Diode/LED and etc. Shannon Tweezers can distinguish DUT type automatically in AutoMode.

Shannon Tweezers ST42 uses the latest integration technology to achieve complex impedance measurement. While improving the integration level, ensures low noise, high stability, and easy calibration. In a limited space, a variety of rich functions, ultra-wide frequency range, ultra-large dynamic range, and other complex test modes are realized.

The ultra-low power design allows the product to be used for several hours at a time. In the sleep mode, the ultra-low quiescent current makes the storage time as long as several months.

The mechanical design of the product solves the traditional LCR tweezers’ unstable clamping, large contact impedance, and inflexible keystrokes. The high-strength tweezer arms make the clamping very stable, and easily realize the clamping and measurement of 0402 devices. The gold-plated surface solves the problem of large contact impedance affecting accuracy.